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Baby Acne

2 January; Author: admin

Nowadays, Baby Acne has become more common and these acnes are commonly recognized after two weeks of birth. This acne appears as a red or white bumps and it usually occurs in chin, forehead, back and cheeks. This acne causes more irritation with saliva, rough fabrics, spit-up milk and the strong detergent. All blemishes are not acne and the tiny bumps caused with milia will disappear in few weeks. The acnes are caused with hormones received by the baby at the end of pregnancy and also certain medications that are taken while pregnancy induces acne. These hormones are helpful in lungs maturation and it also stimulates the oily glands in the baby. Sometimes, the acnes are formed with the reaction of certain skincare products. Normally this Baby Acne will clear up in few weeks, but it can long up to few months in certain cases.

Parents need not worry about the Baby Acne, but they should follow the simple dos and don’ts to control the acne level. Simply wash the acne affected with mild soft everyday and gently wipe the area with soft cloth. Parents should patiently wait and give some time to get it cured naturally. Acne medications are not requirement for babies and this may cause side effects with baby’s health. You should clearly understand the cause of acne, because over caring may cause irritation with baby’s skin. Avoid oily lotions, which are capable of making the acne worse to treat.  You should consult with the doctor, when the Baby Acne remains for more than three months. The doctor will prescribe medication in necessary cases and the probability of affected with acne in later stage is high with the acne persistent baby. Baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive, so mild medications are only recommended in worst cases.


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